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School Accountability Report Card (SARC)


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GEA raises API to 849!  5 point increase from last year.  Congratulations!

Global Education Academy

will create a safe and challenging learning environment for students, parents, and faculty that emphasizes global awareness and leadership.

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Wellness Policy

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2015-16 School Year

"I am a proud grandmother of GEA. I am so thankful for all of the GEA staff. They dedicate their time to all children in need. My daughters were not reading when they came to this school, but thanks to their teacher, by the end of the year they were reading at their grade level."

 -Rita Page (GEA Parent)

"The teachers at GEA are very dedicated to their students.  I highly recommend GEA."

- Monica Cruz (GEA Parent)

"I am a proud parent of GEA. They put the students first. They teach values that the students will carry over when they grow up, especially taking good care of the environment as well as respect for other cultures. Their bilingual program will prepare students to compete in the global economy when they grow up."

 -Yaneri (GEA Parent)

Principal's Corner


GEA has been awarded the Title I Achievement Award!

Prop 30 EPA Budgets

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